eResources for Realtors of Bahrain … Another region’s 1st

Realtors in kingdom of Bahrain will soon have new game changing business resources at their disposal once RealtorBH™ goes on the floor. Potentially the 1st services of its kind in Bahrain, RealtorBH will empower the local agencies, agents & brokers with comprehensive access to centralized real estate database of mlsBH™ – the 1st platform dedicated to real estate Multilevel Listing Solution in Bahrain. The subscription based service dedicated to realtors, will come with CRM tools as a primary feature.

The subscription will also allow realtors to list certain number of properties (subject to their package choice) for which they have secured written exclusive rights from owners. This way RealtorBH™ is empowering the brokers to acquire more and more exclusive listings from willing sellers and landlords, thus offering them much needed control and scrutiny of their own inventory. In addition realtors can integrate the entire database of mlsBH™ with their website (subject to terms and conditions). These listings will display their contact details instead of the actual listers’, thereby projecting to potential prospects realtor’s reputation as having a large inventory of listings at their disposal. Realtors will also be offered the option of purchasing or leasing a pre-developed template based real estate website from RealtorBH™.

Realtors currently list properties on conventional website without the consent or even knowledge of its owner. Plus those website have no verification or authorization function in place to ensure the quality of listings being made. But with the authorized listing protocol in RealtorBH™, Agencies & brokers will find themselves unable to list other brokers’, property managers’, real estate operators’ and other reserved owners’ listings under their banner. However this is not any different a scenario from how the ground reality in market is currently, as those specific class of authorized property representatives are highly unlikely to offer listing exclusivity to other agencies and brokers. Eventually realtors will get access to their listings from mlsBH™, where these class of owners/representatives will be able to directly listing properties on flat fee basis to expose their listings to all participants of the market including realtors (unless they choose otherwise). Therefore realtors instead can channel their efforts on acquiring exclusive listings from individual property owners who do not have the time, resources or expertise to expedite property placement initiatives on their own. The authorized listing feature is enforced to streamline business processes and put in place parameters that will address the short comings of current market practice.

RealtorBH™ will effectively change the way real estate listings work in Kingdom of Bahrain. While at one end it may appear to limit realtors’ ability to list unlimited number of (non-exclusive) properties, it nevertheless will benefit all the participants of the market by allowing authorized listings only, yet offering to extent the listing database to all Realtors. Practically this means brokers will still have at their disposal a much bigger, better and unique and inventory of real estate, they will not have to spend countless hours per day searching of new inventory or property hunting for client, RealtorBH™ will take care of their listing search needs. Brokers can now simply focus on acquiring clientele and offering them quality service.

Effective immediately, Premium eBusiness Solutions, the proprietor and innovator of the solution will be accepting registration application from all licensed brokers, brokerage firms, official agencies and property managers interested in being the 1st of capitalize on the benefits of RealtorBH™. Unlicensed brokers and Independent agents who do not represent any legally incorporated brokerage firm or agency will not be extended subscription features, thus discouraging illegal brokerage activity. Also as a prelaunch incentive, all registered users will be offered free access to the solution for trial and testing purposes.

Official launch is slated for 1st week of January 2015. Until then realtors will be given a limited time opportunity of not only using the system free of charge but also acquiring as many exclusive listings from the market under their account as many as they can manage to secure until launch. Once subscriptions kick in post-launch, realtors will have to choose subscription best suitable to their listing capability.