eReal Estate


The gaps in market were just too obvious and the need to have them addressed was never as important as it has been observed since the last recession. So we present to you eReal Estate; our answer to everything that Real Estate of this great country should be!

Wholly owned & developed by Premium eBusiness Solutions, these solutions have been innovated to compliment the real estate sector of this country, more importantly it shall effectively automate most of the processes with its structured process flow approach, thereby improving productivity and efficiency. In time, these solutions shall effectively address the most prominent gaps of the industry thus helping it stride towards becoming a more mature and regulated market of the region.

  • mlsBH™ – Bahrain Real Estate Multilevel Listing Solution

    Bahrain Real Estate Multilevel Listing Solution mlsBH™ is the 1st real estate listings centralization platform in the kingdom of Bahrain based on the company’s innovative Multilayer Real estate Listing Database architecture MReLDA™. mlsBH™ is not a website but a web solution with authentication & verification based processes at its heart of operation that ensure that […]

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  • fsrboBH™ – Realestate For Sale & Rent By Owners

    fsrboBH™ is a listing service dedicated to direct owners’ in Bahrain. Here they can directly list their properties on mlsBH™ platform to have a maximum exposure to reliable realtors and target audiences. 1st of its kind in the kingdom; no other listing service dedicated to owners. Operators & landlords can now maintain their buildings listing permanently and […]

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  • RealtorBH™ – Bahrain Realtors’ eResource

    [Coming soon] Another 1st of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain; is an online resource for local realtors. The most essential service it offers is membership to mlsBH™ listings and listing exclusivity. This empowers the realtors to have access to a large database of active & reliable real estate listings that they would […]

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  • RealtyBH™ [Coming soon]

    State-of-the-art, modern and dynamic, this site is the official listing display solution of Bahrain’s 1st platform for centralized real estate listing database; mlsBH™. RealtyBH™ is the most comprehensive real estate website of Bahrain so far. Responsive in nature, it has groundbreaking features that make the otherwise tedious task of property search; a walk in the park. […]

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  • iLessors™ – Multiple Real Estate Management Could

     [Coming soon] This proprietary solution developed and distributed wholly by Premium eBusiness Solution is a cloud based online property management solution. With the Multilayer Real estate Listing Database architecture MReLDA™ at its heart of operation, it offers real estate operators, property managers and landlords the ease of managing day to day operations of their lease […]

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  • iLessees™ – Client portal for iLessors’ Listings

    [Coming soon] Acting as a Listing Display Solution & client portal of iLessors™; iLessees™ is a rental real estate listing site also based on the Multilayer Real estate Listing Database architecture MReLDA™. iLessees™ beautifully presents the listings under their respective complex structure and gives real time availability status updates. It also comes with login modules […]

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