Generally most people & business are constantly on the outlook for bigger and better business initiatives but not all understand that such initiatives require a fair amount of capital and risk undertaking. The willing & capable few also very well understand that higher risks are likely to yield higher returns.


 Premium eBusiness Solutions started on the same lines of risk undertaking. But our definition of risk was not based on the thin line between success and failure. It was based on the time & effort it would take us to succeed. And with this objective in sight we set out to raise the company grounds up with limited resources in hand. Today we enjoy the trust and support of respectable investors who believed in the potential this company & its initiatives have.

However there’s a long way to go and there’s so much more that we have to accomplish in making our initiatives a success story. There’s also so much more that we have up our sleeves and we would like to find new means and resources to quickly work on them for the sake of all beneficiaries – We ourselves being one of them. For this purpose we are on the constant outlook for likeminded investors and entrepreneurs to would like to capitalize on potential investment opportunities  that based on our planning and innovation, are expected to yield relatively better returns against relatively lesser risk undertaking.

Listed below with brief intro are some of the investment opportunities that we see great potential in and hence seek potential shareholders for, to quickly capitalize on them instead of waiting to have deeper pockets of our own. After all, time is money, money brings opportunity and opportunity waits for no one. Should you be on the outlook for such opportunities then feel free to get in touch with us and we can arrange to share with your what’s cooking in our minds and how you can mitigate your risk with us but still have a better potential of returns in due time.

JV for Market share capitalization

mlsBH™ is a service before solution. The business model of this service revolves around a bigger role of its operator in strategically placing it at the heart of the market. This requires efforts, time and money as it is an uphill struggle with lots of mindsets to change, approaches to be realigned and alliance to be made, resources would be required to sustain the operation as well as to make necessary initiatives to educate the market over the benefits of such a service. To accomplish this, strategic partners are required who preferably are participants of the real estate sector and as stake holder have vested interest in streamlining market practices and seeing market’s listings centralized on 1 common platform. Only then the true potential and benefits of a centralized listing database can be experienced by the entire market.

For this purpose we aim to invest our entire Bahrain related real estate solutions portfolio in a Joint Venture with willing investors from the market. You would effectively be investing in an initiative that is not just financially viable but would be your contribution to an efficient as well as transparent industry of the region which in turn would have positive influence on the economy of Bahrain. You would sit on the board of directors and possibility even the board of advisors (Subject to certain criterias) playing an active role in making critical decisions for the betterment of this industry and its practices.

Should you be interested to explore this opportunity further, a detailed document of plan and proposal can be produced against a formality of an NDA.

Imagery solutions

Innovating real estate solutions for better presentation and maximum exposure cannot be fully accomplished without having the right kind and quality of real estate imagery to go with it. We’re not talking just digital imagery, we’re talking revolutionary imagery services that are dedicated to producing fascinating impressions and experiences.

With our research in this area of expertise we have identified some potential technologies and innovative imaging solutions unseen in the country. We would like to enter into a business relationship with willing and strategic partner who would like to enjoy substantial gains from such new innovations.

New eSolutions innovations

So far we have just innovated solutions for real estate sector, but we know for a fact that there are other performing industries like Banking & finance, insurance, F&BG, and many such sectors that can benefit from eSolutions best suited for their business.  If you belong to any such sector where you see the potential need of innovative eBusiness solutions, then let’s talk. We are willing to extend our capabilities in such initiatives where others contribute in whatever way they can to jointly reap benefits of a new innovations.

Regional expansion

Currently Bahrain is our base of operation and we shall be striving to create a firm foothold in the country with our groundbreaking solutions. Once we’ve created a success story here, which we anticipate shouldn’t take us more than a year, as Bahrain is a small responsive and dynamic market; we then aim to take this success story regional. Most of the territories in the region are virgin markets from an eSolutions point of view and venturing out into these territories with local partners who better understand their market will be a complimenting arrangement.  Specifically we are keen on entering the Saudi market followed by few strategic others.

International ventures in emerging markets

Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Hungry, Azerbaijan, Albania, Serbia, and Croatia are some of the many potential emerging markets where we sight great potential of extending our operations. These countries have their set of challenges but the time is right to place a seed in these market and allow it to sit at the roots, so that when these countries start to show positive signs of performance, we are already present there to the reap the benefits of growth.  Switzerland, Cyprus and Greece are also potential markets with relatively mature industries but nevertheless enough room for growth that can justify investing into.


Contact us if you are interested to talk over any of these opportunities

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