As eBusiness Solutions provider, our services can yield countless possibilities of solutions and offerings. What we can offer is very much dependent on what business solution you require us to place at your disposal. Nevertheless to encapsulate our offering to the market, we have here packaged our current service portfolio for your better understanding of what we can immediately offer to our potential prospects

  • eReal Estate

    The gaps in market were just too obvious and the need to have them addressed was never as important as it has been observed since the last recession. So we present to you eReal Estate; our answer to everything that Real Estate of this great country should be! Wholly owned & developed by Premium eBusiness […]

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  • eServices

    Premium eBusiness Solutions was incorporated with one business vision in sight, eServices. That pretty much sums up our business. However the range of possibilities and deliverables within this business are as many as one can imagine. While our plans and capabilities are not limited to the following few, we have for ease of our prospects […]

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  • QikOrders

    QikOrders.com is an online order booking and reservation solution for restaurants and take away outlets. We provide mobile apps (iOS and Android) to ensure your restaurant is discovered by customers in your area. We’ll help you expand your restaurant’s business, reach to your customer through social media, website and mobile application.

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