Who we are & what we do


Incorporated in 2014, Premium eBusiness Solutions is a startup entity dedicated to innovating new business solutions. As the name suggests; the entity’s focus is to deliver Premium Service and eBusiness initiatives. With these objectives in sight the executives at Premium eBusiness Solutions have put together a comprehensive Portfolio of services.

At the heart of the business is its moderator Mr. Sadaqat R. A. Sattar who over the past decade & a half has been garnished with noteworthy accomplishments in the fields of Insurance, Islamic finance, real estate & business solutions development. Mr. Sattar brings on board not only his entrepreneurial capabilities & leadership traits, but also his expertise of operations management, business development, process engineering and system analysis. He is the System analyst and solution architect of all proprietary innovations of Premium eBusiness Solutions, for which he also holds complete intellectual rights.

In line with its objective, Premium eBusiness Solutions has successfully developed some key eBusiness Solutions that are 1st of its kind in Kingdom of Bahrain, specifically the Real Estate Multilevel Listing Solution and the Online Property Management cloud. The Entity is fully focused on floating these solutions in the market with the ultimate aim to establish a transparent, effective mature and structured sector like most developed nations.

Demand and supply is the fundamental principal of every business initiative and Premium eBusiness Solutions has set out to strategically align itself with these dynamics of the market in general. Though real estate solutions form a major component of its portfolio at the moment, Premium eBusiness Solutions aims to expand its horizon and innovate similar business solutions for other verticals in, but not limited to Kingdom of Bahrain.