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With more and more people taking their money and business online, we decided to put our money where our mouth is; yes, we innovated Premium eBusiness Solutions to capitalize on the rapidly emerging models of online business. Although eBusiness model is not new to this region; we aim to compliment this segment of market with our innovative eBusiness models that are relatively unexplored in this part of the world. Our focus is to capitalize on the vast potentials of cloud computing and the various cloud based B2B & B2C solutions that can be innovated using this platform.

Premium eBusiness Solutions, as the name suggests is a locally registered eBusiness entity in the Kingdom of Bahrain providing eSolutions of Premium class. This recently formed entity has the honor of setting up Bahrain’s 1st Real Estate Multilevel Listing Solution, Bahrain Realtors’ forum and a global online property Management solution amongst a few other business solutions in pipeline.

At Premium eBusiness Solutions, we aim to change the way people do business around here by facilitating them with innovative business and process management solutions that have already proven their worth in developed countries.

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When we’re not eating chocolates we strive to create unique and memorable digital experiences from beginning to end, in fact that’s exactly what we set out to do. We have put together some promising solutions that would improve the way people do business out here. Although we haven’t reinvented any wheels yet, we have nevertheless tried to add some extra value to what’s already out there. These solutions are very much going to compliment your business strategies and eBusiness needs.

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The world is full of opportunities and eBusinesses aren’t short of any, especially in the middle east region. We sight quite a few of these in horizon for which we look forward for strategic alliances, partnerships and the right team onboard to tap them. Some have been placed here at the disposal of those who share the same vision and are on the outlook to consider such opportunities. Have a look at our prepositions and feel free to get in touch over what may apply to you or what you think may interest us.

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